National Vendor Declarations- what to put on them.NVD's

We are constantly having to get our clients to redo or amend their vendor dec's!!!!!! It's frustrating and can cost the vendor big money if they're vendor dec is incorrect or fails to answer every question .

Description of cattle; put in the breed , the sex breakup , the description ie cow bull steer hfr stag etc, the total head number including the break up of different descriptions . Do not put their NLIS tag number!!!  It's not applicable . 

NLIS  devices is the number of devices on the cattle!!

question 4 "has the owner stated above owned these cattle since their birth" - it's pretty simple either yes or no-not both, if it's no put the lowest time in ie A- under two months, B 2-6 months etc

Question 9 put Russian and Saudi  eligible. Russian eligible means that the cattle haven't had penicillin /antibiotics in the last 110 days and Saudi eligible means that the cattle have never in their life been fed animal fats . If applicable add that the cattle have never been treated antibiotics .